• Engineering sketch of the week - Choi Lin Chan

    Engineering sketch of the week - Choi Lin Chan

    Ancient Chinese wooden architecture, Choi Lin Chan

    UCL Civil Engineering student Choi Lin Chan's A3 historical study of Ancient Chinese wooden architecture features the Great East Hall of Foguang Temple.


  • The Science Museum Sketchmob

    The Science Museum Sketchmob

    Science Museum Silent Disco, Trevor Flynn, 2018

    There is a fine line between people watching and voyeurism. With a sketchbook you can discretely draw people from a distance without them knowing. But how do you draw people when you are on a dance floor with them?  The answer is to don a set of the wireless headphones provided by The Science Museum and just start drawing. 


  • Stefan Davidovici - Green Mars Architect

    Stefan Davidovici - Green Mars Architect

    Tree of Life, Green Mars Architectures, Copyright Stefan Davidovici, Background image by NASA/JPL

    Stefan Davidovici is a visionary architectural draughtsman - consummately skilled, starkly singular in his vision and immensely prolific. His work centres on speculative architectural interventions on the Martian landscape, which he conceives using collages of NASA photographs, and a future-focused Milan.


  • Why engineering graduates should draw

    IStructE president Ian Firth shows his approach to drawing and why it is so important to the design process, especially for new graduates. 


  • Bridges to Prosperity

    Bridges to Prosperity

    The Rugusa Bridge, Karthikeyan Viveganathan, March 2017

    Drawing At Work ran the Drawing Gym for Engineers at COWI earlier this year. It was a pleasure to adapt the course to the communication needs of bridge designers. The first three sessions were devoted to building skills...


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