• Bridges to Prosperity

    Bridges to Prosperity

    The Rugusa Bridge, Karthikeyan Viveganathan, March 2017

    Drawing At Work ran the Drawing Gym for Engineers at COWI earlier this year. It was a pleasure to adapt the course to the communication needs of bridge designers. The first three sessions were devoted to building skills...


  • Engineers Sketches Competition

    Engineers Sketches Competition

    The 2015 Competition Winner, Yanchee Lau from Eckersley O'Callaghan, detail from "Guggenheim Helsinki" competition entry.

    An exhibition at the Institute of Structural Engineers is showcasing the very best in engineering sketching, until mid-November 2015. The exhibition features entries to the Engineering Club’s Fourth Engineering Sketching Competition, the winners of which were announced during a ceremony...


  • FX Drawing Competition

    FX Drawing Competition

    The Pazzi Chapel, Chris Eckersley April 2013

    FX magazine asked me to select a favourite from the submissions to this year's FX Drawing Competition. My favourite is Chris Eckersley's studies of Brunelleschi's Pazzi Chapel in Florence. 


  • Sketchmob at Trinity Buoy Wharf

    Sketchmob at Trinity Buoy Wharf

    Sunday 22 June 12:45 – 4:00

    Trinity Buoy Wharf is a vibrant mix of futurism and rare industrial history. The Thameside location where all the buoys and markers for the River Thames were once made and repaired, it is now...


  • Atomik Architecture

    Atomik Architecture

    When you visit Atomik Architecture you are struck by the range of visualisation options that architects Derek Draper and Mike Oades have at their disposal. Their fluid use of freehand sketching alone distinguishes them from many larger offices where...


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