• Stefan Davidovici - Green Mars Architect

    Stefan Davidovici - Green Mars Architect

    Tree of Life, Green Mars Architectures, Copyright Stefan Davidovici, Background image by NASA/JPL

    Stefan Davidovici is a visionary architectural draughtsman - consummately skilled, starkly singular in his vision and immensely prolific. His work centres on speculative architectural interventions on the Martian landscape, which he conceives using collages of NASA photographs, and a future-focused Milan.


  • Why engineering graduates should draw

    IStructE president Ian Firth shows his approach to drawing and why it is so important to the design process, especially for new graduates. 


  • Bridges to Prosperity

    Bridges to Prosperity

    The Rugusa Bridge, Karthikeyan Viveganathan, March 2017

    Drawing At Work ran the Drawing Gym for Engineers at COWI earlier this year. It was a pleasure to adapt the course to the communication needs of bridge designers. The first three sessions were devoted to building skills...


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