Bridges to Prosperity

Bridges to Prosperity

The Rugusa Bridge, Karthikeyan Viveganathan, March 2017

Drawing At Work ran the Drawing Gym for Engineers at COWI earlier this year. It was a pleasure to adapt the course to the communication needs of bridge designers. The first three sessions were devoted to building skills and the fourth was given over to the engineers to describe a process in a set of drawings. Karthikeyan Viveganathan’s drawings unpack structural details of the recently completed Rugusa Bridge – a project undertaken by COWI engineers and the NGO Bridges to Prosperity to reduce rural isolation in Rugusa, Rwanda.

Karthikeyan was one of ten volunteers who traveled to Rwanda in January to work on the design and construction of the 60-metre footbridge. Completed in just two weeks, the new bridge now offers a safe river crossing for the 850 person strong community (which had previously lost 20 lives due to the lack of a safe crossing). Connecting the community to health, education and economic opportunities, this fantastic collaboration between engineers and the local people reasserts the wider value of sharing knowledge, skills and time.

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