The Science Museum Sketchmob

The Science Museum Sketchmob

Science Museum Silent Disco, Trevor Flynn, 2018

There is a fine line between people watching and voyeurism. With a sketchbook you can discretely draw people from a distance without them knowing. But how do you draw people when you are on a dance floor with them? The answer is to don a set of the wireless headphones provided by The Science Museum and just start drawing.

It was a wet Wednesday night at one of the Science Museum lates and people on the dance floor were having so many different kinds of fun that I was practically invisible. Two headphone settings mean you can have classic soul, R&B, funk and disco, or you can have more recent stuff. Blissed out with some of my favourite tracks I was all set. Once the posers had hit the floor, taken their selfies and left, the people who loved dancing remained as models. It is practically impossible to sketch and dance, but I think with more practice I could get the hang of it.

Fellow Sketchmobbers drew the impromptu opera performances in the Maths gallery, and the overhead planes and huge, weird sci fi apparatus and big steam engines. And of course the spectacularly varied and wonderful Londoners who flocked in their droves to be part of this brilliant re- purposing of one of London’s greatest museums.

Impropera performance, Maths Gallery, Science Museum Lates, Jan 2018

Charles Abboud, Sketchmob at The Science Museum, Jan 2018

Sketchmob celebrates its eleventh birthday this year.

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