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Emphasis lies in communication rather than virtuoso drawing performances. Right Col

4 x 2.5 hour sessions

“The most useful course I've been on for a very long time. Walking away with a tangible new skill I can work on improving.” J.D. Skanska

This course has been specifically developed for engineers; each attendee works from the unique Drawing Gym exercise book to rapidly learn and apply techniques including axonometric, 1 and 2 point perspective, and section. The course motivates people to communicate effectively and provides a broad set of skills for expressing ideas in the design process.

Practical work is supplemented with demonstrations, short films, and examples of contemporary freehand drawings from the on-line gallery. Individuals are encouraged to progress at a comfortable pace in a stimulating and supportive atmosphere.

Prior to the classes we will discuss the kinds of drawing and visualisation strategies we can help you with and each course will be bespoke to the requirements and levels of existing abilities in your group.

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