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A compelling and memorable sales tool for presentations

3 x 2 hour sessions or a 1 day course

Diagrams are the supreme tool for communicating ideas. They are an essential form of non-verbal language that help focus on the fundamental principles underlying outer appearances. A compelling and memorable sales tool in presentations, they communicate complex ideas in ways that are attractive and accessible. In individual and team exercises, attendees will develop:

  • Fundamental diagramming skills
  • The ability to synthesise information in 2d and 3d diagrams
  • A 'library' of signs and symbols
  • An understanding of the need for hierarchy within complex diagrams
  • The ability to translate familiar situations into diagrammatic form
  • Means of communicating relationships between time, space, people and objects
  • Discussion and understanding within teams

The course is designed for all levels of ability and employs a broad range of teaching methods including instructive films, exercise sheets, team brainstorming, and one to one tuition.

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