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Looking At one thing And Seeing Another

Based on conversations with architects, sculptors and engineers, this talk examines the workings of visual analogies and creative processes that artists and designers use when they are required to visualize forms that do not already exist.

Tracing seminal architectural and sculptural works from idea generation, concept sketch and development, the role of drawing and visualisation at each stage is central.

Lessons in Colour and Perception

Colour is a rich phenomenon, a silent communicator of meaning, and a key component in contemporary art and architecture. The images in this talk present a broad picture of colour, as it is being perceived and used now. We will establish a historical context by studying the methods of Josef Alber's Basic Colour Course at Black Mountain College. The aim of the talk is to provide food for thought by studying colour inter- ventions that may be applied in other forms as design elements.

Freehand Drawing Now

The purposes of freehand drawing in contemporary design practice can be grouped into five types:

Conversational - used as an adjunct of speech;
Ideational - as a form of rapid idea generation;
Form-finding - thinking through the sketch;
Concept drawing - ways of demonstrating context;
Post-rationalisation - explaining and simplifying as a communication aid.

The culture of freehand drawing as it is being practiced within and out- side of architectural studios is looked at through a series of recent drawings produced by leading architects, structural engineers, and artists. The talk will demonstrate the continued relevance of drawing as a core competency in all stages of the design process.

20 Fresh Perceptions

Uncommon Sense and the Visual Imagination.
At what point does a golf buggy become a pushchair? Or a soap bubble become a tent? Does naming a thing enshrine how it is to be used to the negation of other possible uses the thing may have?

This talk examines the innovation cycle from the hunch, to the prototype and has relevance to all within the creative industries and education. Begun initially as a dialogue between Trevor Flynn and marketing consultant Tony Franco, it traces the creative cycle of imaginative observation, transformation, and application of new ideas in artefacts and products. The talk richly illustrates aspects of design taxonomy that allow us to re-evaluate what things are and how they might have new appliances.

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