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Drawings: top Sofia de Los Rios
left James K Chueng
below left Stefan Davidovici
below right Rick Gooding


Trevor Flynn looks at the culture of freehand drawing as it is being practiced both inside and outside of architectural offices. The talk features two short films and 60 slides including winning entries to the Blueprint drawing competition (which Flynn designed) and sketches made by attendees of The Drawing Gym: a course of exercises for architects that refreshes drawing and visualisation skills.

The talk illustrates the importance of designers maintaining essential drawing skills that can be put to use as an adjunct of spoken ideas, as a form of rapid idea generation, and as an aid to improve communication.

Trevor Flynn is Director of DrawingAtWork (founded in 2004) who run courses in a large number of distinguished architectural and engineering offices. He teaches at the AA and Bath University and was a recipient of the Teaching Innovations Award for his design of the UCL Drawing Gym.

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