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Photograph Philip Vile
Drawings: top Ed Hollis,
middle Natasha Charlesworth
below Will Arnold


The science of engineering is well documented. In The Art of Engineering we will consider how the mind is expressed by the hand for the eye.

We will look at the sovereign role of freehand drawing, both as a thinking tool and as a simple way of communicating complex ideas. Using three categories of drawing: Conversational, Concept, and Form-finding, we will look at why, how and when drawings are made in modern engineering practices. Trevor Flynn will talk about his experience of establishing freehand drawing programmes within large architectural and engineering offices, illustrated with a rich collection of historical and contemporary drawings.

Trevor Flynn is Director of Drawing At Work. He developed the UCL Drawing Gym programme for engineers with a Teaching Innovations Award from University College London. He is a drawing instructor in several large architectural and engineering offices and at the IStructE.

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