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"Working with Trevor is a dream. His enthusiasm and energy is infectious, his classes interesting and informative. One participant added that it was thoroughly satisfying to escape from the rigours of an architectural practice and enjoy the freedom of drawing by hand. I have no hesitation in recommending Trevor and team to any forward thinking organization who values its staff."
Leah Nicholls Wilkinson Eyre

"'Core Drawing Skills for Engineers' was a great course, one of the best training initiatives we've undertaken."
Mark Doyle Engineering Associate BDP Manchester.

"Thank you for some very enjoyable Thursday evenings. Some people doing the course said they found it restful. I thought it was as restful as skiing."
Jon Brent Allford Hall Monaghan Morris Architects

"I thought the classes really did improve my drawing skills and made me more confident about drawing. I learnt a lot about different drawing techniques, different ways of representing what you see in front of you or what is in your mind."
A.M. Expedition Engineering

"I have to say I really enjoyed the classes - Trevor was a perfect teacher - I think he was able to bring out the artist in most of us. I know a lot of people were apprehensive at first. He was especially good at encouraging our individual style - reinforcing it with technique and tips - rather than imposing one on us. I'd definitely like to do more classes. it's good to develop the drawing skills away from the pressure of architecture related subjects."
J.R. Expedition Engineering

"The Drawing At Work life-drawing classes at RRP have been a real success. Everyone attends religiously - senior directors, model makers, our chef and support staff alike. Classes are typically 14 people - the next 10 wk course is oversubscribed with 22 people per class"
Robert Torday Head of Communications Richard Rogers Partnership

"As an architect, the drawing I do for work is generally of a basic standard required to communicate an approach or solution to a problem. It is a great pleasure to draw in a recreational environment, released from the usual pressures of objectivity and haste."
Andy Young Richard Rogers Partnership

"Working in a creative business like advertising means treading a fine line between opinion and fact, imagination and reality. As an advertising planner, I am required to listen to consumers in focus groups to hear what they think and feel, and to put aside my personal views. Drawing is a fantastic discipline for me, because it trains the mind to see what is really there, not what we think 'must be there'. Basically, it's a great antidote to lazy thinking."
Roisin Robothan-Jones Senior Planner W.C.R.S. Advertising Agency

"I personally very much enjoyed the drawing sessions. It was a detachment from everyday life, let alone practising architecture. I found it incredibly rewarding. What you talk about in the sessions I seem to have compared with architecture and design - space, depth, volume, void, negative and positive spaces, etc. While being shown that a human figure can be perceived as such, it made me realise that similar principles applied in design."
S.W. Reid Architects

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